Restoring Your Oriental Area Rug Treasure

Custom Cut Area Rug Pads

Finally, an area rug pad that performs as well on wall-to-wall carpet as it does on hard surfaces. The specially treated surface provides extra grip and prevents fuzzing and fraying. Due to its durability and wide use for all surfaces, this is the only rug pad we carry. They are all custom cut to your specifications, leaving about an inch around each side so the pad doesn’t show when the area rug is upon it. Call First Coast Carpet and In-Home Services, LLC at (904) 944-7025, or request an estimate online to get started.

Eco Premium/Eco Value Area Rug Pads

Place the OptiMat reverse waffle “tentacle grip” side face down on your hard surface floors and you have more gripping power than any other pad.

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Custom cut area rug pads in Jacksonville

For use over carpet, place rubber side up. For use over hard surfaces, place rubber side down. Place the OptiMat rubber side up and you have a pad that keeps your area rugs securely in place over wall-to-wall carpeting.


  • 100% natural Felt & Rubber / Non-Slip Pad
  • Stress Relief: Prevents stress on the area rug and helps the wear and tear
  • 100% recyclable and Green Certified
  • Pad- 22 ounces of felt and 16 ounces of non-washable rubber per square yard
  • Made in the USA
  • Washable and non-marking
  • Moisture barrier to protect against spills and pet urine from soaking through and damaging hardwood floors
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