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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is now the number one floor covering in most commercial settings. The advent of cubicles and workstations means that fabric can cover many businesses from floor to ceiling. It’s a big investment that needs to be protected. Commercial carpets cleaned by First Coast Carpet and In-Home Services, LLC stay cleaner longer and promote a healthier working and business environment for your customers and employees. There are several key methods utilized for commercial carpet cleaning; hot water extraction, (also known as steam cleaning), shampooing, and encapsulation cleaning. To get started, call us at (904) 944-7025, or request an estimate online.

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Extend the Life of Your Commercial Carpet

Our cleaning process doesn’t just clean the surface like most systems and products; it extracts hidden dirt deep within the boards of hardwood floors. Improve indoor air quality and circulation plus rejuvenate hardwood floors with this professional hardwood floor maintenance procedure.

Shampooing is chosen due to its rotary agitation and fast drying properties. Unfortunately, there is an insufficient amount of water to effectively clean and then rinse the loosened soil and cleaning chemical from the carpet. This results in only average cleaning results and rapid re-soiling.

Encapsulation cleaning is also chosen for its fast-drying properties. A crystallizing polymer is applied to the carpet and attaches itself to the soil. The polymer is allowed to dry and then vacuumed from the carpet, bringing with it the attached soil. While this process may be recommended for “in-between” cleanings; it doesn’t take the place of a deep cleaning using agitation and heat to loosen the soil, and water to rinse the soil from the carpet. In addition to these problems, it is also essential that the carpet be vacuumed frequently to avoid buildup of the polymer.

Hot water extraction aka steam cleaning uses vast quantities of water to flush soil from the carpet. The excess amount of water used, goes straight through the backing to the pad, leaving the carpet extremely wet and creating a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Not only does this lead to lengthy and inconvenient dry times but it also traps soapy chemicals that attract dirt like a magnet; ultimately making your carpets dirtier than ever, a disaster in high traffic spaces.

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